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Gastronomic and cultural history in Malaga

Founded in 1971, the Pimpi is one of the wine cellars with the most solera in Málaga, where it is possible to enjoy local gastronomy and local wines, but mostly, the tradition and culture belonging to southern Spain.

Its name makes reference to the figure of “Pimpi”, a popular character from Málaga who helped crew and passengers of boats that arrived at the Málaga port.
Currently, the wine cellar is a famous meeting point for the famous, both Malagueños and visitors, who recommend us and value our cultural entity and gastronomy of top order in Málaga.

The liveliest Tapas Bar in Malaga

Dress code: casual

The Pimpi occupies an old home from the XVIII century, built on an old Roman road. It was in 1971 when it was converted into this wine cellar.
The traditional wine cellar is divided into different halls and patios, each one with a particular atmosphere which makes it unique.

What you are going to eat is local, natural, fresh, in season and often of ecological agriculture. They offer you some of the best products in the world, like extra virgin olive oil first press, bull egg tomato, cured Iberian ham raised on chestnuts or the sweet wine made out of the moscatel grape.

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Interior Designer:in house
Interior Design Style:Traditional Spanish
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Phone:✆ +34 952 228 990
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Probably the best place to be

Tasty Tapas

A very busy bar… you might have to queue for a table

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