Constanzer Wirtshaus GER-Constance

A classic inn experience directly on Lake Constance

In the historic building, built in 1899 by Kaiser Wilhelm II as an officers’ casino, the Constanzer Wirtshaus offers a classic inn experience directly on Lake Constance.

We live on the Swiss German border and we enjoy visiting the Constanzer Wirtshaus with its lovely Biergarten by the water.

A beer garden by the water

Dress code: casual

In the summer time we recommend booking a table.

The food is simple, classic and always of good quality. The staff are always friendly, so it’s a perfect restaurant for an informal lunch or dinner.

You also have the possibility to visit their little shop, where you can buy all sorts of souvenirs… but, of course, their own brewed beer.

Reservations :Link
Interior Designer:in house
Interior Design Style:German Beer Garden
Source: e&p rossi
Phone:✆ +49 7531 3630130
Website: Website

Typical Beer Garden

Excellent food and service.

No parking facilities, but there is a public parking just across the street

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