Gotthärdli am See CHE-Zug

A culinary journey through Thailand

Authentic Thai food in Zug.

Just by the lake, you will find the Gotthärdli, a Thai Restaurant with a bar and outdoor seating.

unexpected discovery

Dress code: casual

If you want a spicy dining experience, then this is the right place. Thai specialities await you with delicious combinations of crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs and delicate spices combined with meat, poultry or seafood. A composition of exotic flavours, colours and textures prepared by their authentic chefs. Exclusive wines, cocktails and Thai tapas await you in the bar.

Reservations :Link
Interior Designer:in house
Interior Design Style:Thai
Source: e&p rossi
Phone:✆ +41 041 711 09 04
Website: Website

Typical Thai Cuisine

Located by the lake and old town of Zug

The tables are very close to each other

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