Le Boutik Hotel FRA-Annecy

The Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Annecy’s old town. On one side it opens onto a pedestrianised street, 50 metres from the main tourist sites, the castle and restaurants; on the other is the tranquil lake and mountain views.

Originally, the hotel was a 19th Century residence with its own history…
It is situated in the heart of the town in a park of 800m2 with lots of sheltered terraces.

The Boutik Hotel offers its fashionable/trendy and gourmet guests the opportunity to choose a souvenir which they can buy and take away with them. Presenting designer items in this way, you can sample a range of different lifestyles.
Are you Scandinavian refinement, French antique, Dutch design or vintage ? Every design fan will find a room to suit them.

Le Boutik Hotel concept store à Annecy

Excellent breakfast buffet

Very quite location

Little space for luggage, great for just a weekend

No hotel parking, only public parking across the street from the hotel

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