3rd of October 2019

La Table de Chapaize FRA-Le Bourg


La Table de Chapaize FRA-Le Bourg

A picturesque drive through the rolling hills near Tournus, in the heart of gorgeous southern Burgundy countryside, leads you to the Table de Chapaize.

In a friendly yet elegant setting that successfully mixes creative modern elements with the charm of traditional stone, we warmly welcome you into a convivial atmosphere where you should feel right at home.

In the kitchen, you will be taken on a delectable culinary journey composed of the freshest seasonal products. They change the menu once a month, and prepare everything themselves, including the ice-creams!

A refreshing, delightful and gracious place. 




Tip: We highly recommend making reservations as space is limited.

Photos & Text: EPROSSI 

Website: latabledechapaize.fr:

+33 3 85 38 07 18


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