20th of November 2019

English Interior Design Style


English Interior Design Style

A cosy room, a cup of tea with friends...

Behind the window the rain rushes soothingly, a cup in the hand, a blanket on the lap and you are already in midst the English Interior Design Style…

The English Interior Design Style did not gain as much popularity as the Scandinavian Interior Design Style, which has been very popular in recent times. Although they are both inspired by the cool climate and nature, it is difficult to imagine that there are even more different interior styles. The English style apartment is perfect for welcoming guests and drinking tea together, as in the novels of Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy. It must be warm and cosy, a bit sentimental, very secret and traditional. But by no means boring! Like a real English manor house, the room has room for a classic Victorian table, frivolous muslin curtains and a bouquet of fresh meadow flowers. The English interiors balance between rustic and classic style and has a lot in common - surprisingly - with decorative eclecticism.

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