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Must eats in Hamburg


Must eats in Hamburg

The regional Hamburg cuisine is characterised by a variety of fish dishes. But also pastries and the probable forerunner of the hamburger make it into our list of the 11 things you must have eaten in Hamburg.

  1. Fish Roll/Sandwich Bismarck herring, herb matjes or North Sea crabs - the proximity to the harbour has always brought culinary delights to Hamburg. If you're on the go, you'll buy a fish sandwich. After all, more than the Elbe, the beach and such is not needed for a perfect moment of happiness in Hamburg.  A must is to go to the Landungsbrücken and eat an Fish Sandwich. For example in Brücke 10 but there are always long queues.  Another good place is the Watergate that also makes excellent Krabbenbrötchen. 
  2. Labskaus Many people are familiar with this Hamburg national dish, but only a few like it. Labskaus consists of mashed, boiled potatoes and salted meat, served with matjes, onions, beetroot and a fried egg. However, it is controversial whether fish is part of the original recipe.
  3. Franzbrötchen Is there a pastry that you associate more with Hamburg than the Franzbrötchen? Hardly. Franz can be found in many creative creations such as chocolate, sprinkles or apples and is available in every bakery in the city. 
  4. Pannfish "The pannfish must swim!" I'm sure some of you have heard that before. This refers to fish leftovers that are served in a good portion of mustard sauce bound with flour served with fried potatoes. I would recommend you to go the Fisch & Co. Pretty little restaurant in the Katharinen Quarter. 
  5. Hamburger eel soup The Hamburger Aalsuppe is a vegetable soup or stew that differs from other regional versions by the addition of baked fruit. The oldest known recipe comes from a Hamburg cookbook from 1788. Today there is a dispute over whether eel was an actual part of the original recipe. Critics argue that it is a dish where "everything comes in" and the fish is just a concession to Hamburg visitors.
  6. Curry sausage Hamburg and Currwurst? Does it go together? Yes! Because the sausage was probably invented in Hamburg - even if Berlin wants to dispute this with us. There is also a conflict with the method of preparation - fried, boiled sausage, deep-fried or roasted - not to mention the type of sauce. Not only in this case tastes are different.
  7. Finkenwerder Maischolle In the classic preparation, the Finkenwerder Maischolle is filled with bacon and baked in the oven. Finkenwerder quickly becomes Büsumer if you replace the bacon with pulped North Sea prawns and fry them briefly in butter. With fried potatoes and lettuce, this speciality is also a popular fish dish in other regions.
  8. Rundstück Warm The round pieces of meat was first eaten by Hamburg harbour workers. It consists of two halves of wheat roll on which a slice of roast pork is placed. Finally it is covered with warm gravy. For the sake of simplicity, the round piece was then folded up so that it could be eaten by hand. It is possible that the warm round piece is the predecessor of the hamburger.
  9. Weisswürste No, we didn't make a mistake with this in the state. Not only in Bavaria, also in Hamburg there are Weißwürste. What distinguishes them from each other? The Hamburg version contains not only high-quality meat and fine spices, but also the addition of fish. It was developed by Marschall Davout's personal chef during the French period in Hamburg at the beginning of the 19th century.
  10. Pechkekse Pechkeksen is the black counterpart to fortune cookies. Just as sweet and delicious as its bright relatives, the inside surprises with black humor and sayings like: "You're kind of funny and it's not meant to be funny". The biscuits are sold by two Hamburg boys. 
  11. Hamburger What would be a list of the things you absolutely must have eaten in Hamburg without the most obvious: the hamburger? As already mentioned, the "Rundstück warm" could be the predecessor to today's hamburger. But various Americans also claim the Urburger for themselves. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less credible arguments. Ultimately, however, only one thing is important: the main thing is that it tastes good, right? 

Translated from the website: https://www.hamburg.de

Best Eats Source: https://www.hamburg.de

Our tips for the best local restaurants:

Fisch & Co

Brücke 10





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