4th of July 2019

Punta Est ITA-Finale Ligure


Punta Est ITA-Finale Ligure

In the village of Finale Ligure, close to the beach, Hotel Punta Est was originally built as the XVIII century mansion of a musician and composer from La Scala in Milan. More than a standard hotel, it is almost like a world apart from the rest of the coast… it is a special place which preserves the charm of ancient Liguria, offering guests an exquisite, elegant and relaxing Mediterranean experience.

The Villa is perched on a hillside, inside a large park overlooking the beach, among centuries old pine trees, palms and exotic plants. A DIFFERENT PLACE, UNIQUE IN EVERY DETAIL...

Access is not always obvious and parking operations require some attention, but the staff service is ready to help you and an electric car is available to transport luggage. Once arrived on the small promontory (better with shoes with rubber soles) views of the sea through the branches of the pines remember the verses of the Italian poet Eugenio Montale … “Look through leaves the heartbeat away from the sea scales …” it is surrounded by a sense of well-being, and you never want to leave!

Room:   202 or 201



Tip:  Pre Dinner Drinks in the Lobby Bar overlooking the beach of Finale Ligure are a must when you stay here!

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Website: puntaest.com

   +39 019 600611

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