26th of September 2018

Flower Power Tableau DNK-Copenhagen


Flower Power Tableau DNK-Copenhagen

Interior and customised fittings for TABLEAU, a new brand and concept store selling flowers, bespoke design pieces and art in an atmospheric gallery-style space in a 19th century building. The brief included designing architectural podiums in single materials such as terrazzo, glass bricks and polished metal profiles for staging floral arrangements and a growth rack for pot plants that doubles as a light sculpture. In keeping with TABLEAU’S theatrical theme walls and ceilings were stripped back to expose raw concrete but retain old wallpapers and textures as a way of celebrating the layered history of the space.

Credits:Photographer: Irina Boersma  

Designer:David Thulstrup

Address:St. Kongensgade 50, 1264 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Tags: design tip, copenhagen
Categories: DNK Denmark, Shops & Boutiques, Trends