5th of September 2020

Chateau des Avenieres FRA-Cruseille


Chateau des Avenieres FRA-Cruseille

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A century old castle Situated on the slopes of the Salève, a few kilometers from Genever and Annexe, in Haute-Savoie, the castle reigns on the Domaine des Avenières, which provides a pleasant change of scenery and allows its guests to recharge their batteries.

Families, couples, singles, groups of friend or colleagues — let yourself be tempted by the chateau des Aveniéres experience. Rooms with unique character. As an exceptional place, the Chateau des Avenières offers stays outside the codes of the traditional hotel industry. Each room in this magnificent residence, with its architecture worthy of the most beautiful fairy tale castle, has it’s own story to tell.

Our Review

Room:   Bleue/ La Louisiane / Sonate

Architect/Designer: Inhouse

Source: eprossi

Tip:  Book a table for dinner and don't miss the excellent Breakfast

Photos & Text: eprossi


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