21st of November 2019

The George Hotel GBR-Stamford


The George Hotel GBR-Stamford

The George of Stamford is probably the oldest Hotel in England. The walls of this charming Hotel could tell a lot of stories. It's like traveling back in time...

The rooms are romantically British with carpets throughout the whole Hotel, even in the bathrooms (which I personally don't like). Heavy curtains and cushions decorate the rooms... Orchids are not just in the rooms but also every where in the Hotel. The Restaurant with it's old oak panels is perfect for romantic dinners... and afternoon tea in the garden is a must while you are staying here.

We always stay in Room 49, it's a very large and quite room with magnificent views to the garden.

Room:  49



Tip:  Take the B&B with Dinner Package

Photos & Text:  EPROSSI


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