26th of March 2019

The Hide Hotel CHE-Flims


The Hide Hotel CHE-Flims

ALPINE WARMTH May I introduce myself? My name is Hide. The Hide. I exude a comfortable and cosy atmosphere - with a very subtle urban touch. Although extremely cosy, because I am anything but a city hotel.My amazed guests kick back and simply enjoy: I offer them a mood, an atmosphere, a design and a charisma the like of which they have yet to experience in a mountain holiday hotel.My architecture and interior design are characterised by an Alpine lifestyle and a modern Alpine way of life. Renowned for its extraordinary and courageous creations, the Gothenburg-based and multi-award winning designer team from Stylt Trampoli once again shows its most creative side in my case. My interior, which is both contemporary and in unison with the natural surroundings, creates the perfect ambience and a decidedly cosy atmosphere.





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Website: thehidehotelflims.ch

  +41 81 911 15 11

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