21st of September 2020

Calming Greens


Calming Greens

The power of colours - the colour green Colour green:

The colour green: Green is the colour of the centre. In its perfect neutrality between all extremes, it has a calming effect without tiring. The colour green promotes qualities such as helpfulness, endurance, tolerance and satisfaction.

In medical colour therapy, green is considered to be the colour that balances the rhythm of heart and kidneys. Green is also used to treat stomach ulcers, allergies, eye fatigue and signs of premature ageing. The colour green serves as a neutral healing colour that does not cause any physical complaints or counter-reactions. It allows you to gather strength and brings regeneration.

Green is pleasing to the eye, because looking into green is never exhausting, but strengthens the eye for all other impressions. 

We humans associate the colour green with spring, with fertile meadows, fields and forests. In magic, this colour is used in rituals which aim at prosperity, happiness, fertility and success. Furthermore, the colour green stands for harmony, rejuvenation and life.

The colour green is the colour of life, plants and spring. As the colour of the annual renewal and the triumph of spring over the cold winter, it symbolises hope and immortality. Due to its closeness to nature, the colour green has a calming and harmonising effect in contrast to the stimulating effect of the colour red. For this reason, it was once the most popular colour for living rooms and salons. The positive healing effect of the colour green for body and soul was already recognised by Hildegard von Bingen, a leading physician of the Middle Ages.

Even today, many people go for walks in the green forest to relax and recuperate. The blackboards in schools and the playing fields of billiard tables are green because the colour is pleasant for the eyes and emphasises the contrast with other colours. This results in a concentration on the essentials.



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