Zum Kaiser Franz CHE-Zug

Delighting the palate in a unique ambience

An Austrian Restaurant in the heart of Central Switzerland, with charm, virility, joie de vive, elan und esprit, not to mention large cordiality. This is what you can expect at the Kaiser Franz.

It’s like being in Austria

Photos: Kaisr Franz

Dress code: casual

Obviously, we had the “Wiener Schnitzel”, a very thin piece of veal in crispy golden breadcrumbs.

Not just the food, but also the environment is like being in an Austrian Gasthof.

Reservations :Link
Interior Designer:in house
Interior Design Style:Austrian
Source: e&p rossi
Phone:โœ† +41 41 710 96 36
Website: Website

Typical Austrian Cuisine

Located by the lake and the old town of Zug

No negative issues to mention

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